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Why We Do What We Do

For all to live in thriving communities with sustainable spaces and sufficient transportation systems.

At Simon Engineering, our mission is to provide consistent and reliable design services with honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence, which is the foundation for building sustainable infrastructure. Our goal is to further the development of thriving communities by optimizing the performance and efficiency of community systems. As a result, communities are transformed and become a source of pride for its residents.


We demonstrate a proven history of successfully delivering projects on schedule and budget. Our experience is evident in the quality of our plans as the careful utilization of resources available to maximize productivity and cost savings.

Diverse and Cultured

We leverage the cultural perspectives and experiences of our diverse pool of talent, allowing for creative and innovative designs that serve a wide range of end-users.

Trusted Partner

We pride ourselves on being accountable for the work we deliver. We operate with flexibility and remain accessible and responsive throughout the planning and development of civil infrastructure projects. Ultimately, we are a trusted partner, delivering infrastructure needs with excellence.

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In a bold approach to being a team partner, Simon Engineering considers itself equal to even the largest firms to whom we provide services.  From project pursuits to project delivery, we look at every task as an opportunity to prove our worth to the relationship, making it easy to choose us as a reliable partner.

Nikki Simon, P.E.


Cornell Yancy

Director Business Development

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Ashley Sullivan, P.E.


Jancy Varkey

Graduate Engineer

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Graduate Engineer

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Graduate Engineer

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