Simon Engineering is contracted with the Circuit Trail Convervancy, a Non-profit partnered with the City of Dallas to develop The Loop. 
The final design contract needed to complete The LOOP has been awarded! The Trinity Gateway, a key connection point in West Dallas across the Sylvan Avenue bridge, is underway. Simon Engineering, a Dallas-based minority and women owned business, has been awarded the contract and will be leading the charge to bring this concept to life.
The Trinity Gateway is the only connection of The LOOP to West Dallas under CTC delivery – allowing Trinity Strand Trail users and those in West Dallas safe access to the Trinity River, the Trinity Skyline Trail and the Fort Worth to Dallas Trail.
The CTC will be improving the pedestrian and bicycle facilities on the Sylvan Ave. bridge to make this connection. While the final design is still under development, a reduction in driving lanes on the bridge from six lanes to four would drastically increase the safety of drivers, walkers and bikers alike by reducing the speed vehicles drive across the bridge.